Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Grand Central


I wanted to tell you about Grand Central. I've wanted to tell all my friends but seeing as how I don't have very many, it's been difficult. Anyway, this company does some exciting things with the phone. Basically, they want to give you a phone number that you'll have for life. You enter your area code and then they let you choose between several available numbers. Then, once you chosen the number that you want, you set up your account, attaching all of your current phone numbers-work, home, cell phone, to your account. Then, you let all of your contacts know that you have a new number. In the future, when someone calls the Grand Central number, all of your phones ring. So, no matter where you are, you get that very important phone call. But wait, there's more. There are tons of additional features. For example, when your phone rings, you'll hear a recorded voice announcing the caller and asking you if you want to accept or reject the call. But the lady also asks if you want to accept and record the incoming call. So, you can record your calls. Awesome! Also, you can upload your own ringback tone so that when someone calls you, they hear a song instead of a boring ring. Right now, if you called me, you'd hear Black Swan by Thom Yorke. That song rocks and the chorus is the best chorus that has ever been written since the dawn of man. That's pretty much a scientific fact.

Call me if you'd like to hear Thom or leave me a message.






I realize that it's been months since I've written. To be fair though, you haven't written either. I refuse to feel guilty-life is too short. Are we good? Good.

Ok, here's what's been going on since December…

It's a girl! We've named her already. Lillian Beckett Little. If you want to go ahead and get her a monogrammed onesie, feel free. We're going to call her Lily. I may call her Beck or Becks or Freedom Robber. I suppose that it depends on my mood. She's named after no one in particular. I chose the middle name in homage to my favorite playwright. Anna got to choose the first name since I picked out the middle. I can't recall why she chose Lily. Maybe an homage to Kate from Lost but that doesn't make much sense. That's something that I would do. See our dog Xander, of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame.

Speaking of Xander…

Jorge, our Guatemalan painter, was over on Saturday to paint Lily's room-a soft pink, if you were wondering. At some point, I opened the door to her room to check on his progress when Xander darted in and immediately stepped in the paint pan. Anna and I freaked, which freaked Xander out. He ran down the hall getting pink paw prints all over the carpet, the stained concrete floor in our living room, and the faux leather coffee table. Not only that, but he had pink paint all over his paws and belly and tail. We took him to get groomed later that day. I think that Kim at Pet Vax may have clipped his junk because it's a little scraped up. But that's neither here nor there.

What else? That's all I got for right now. I promised someone that I'd blog.


Monday, April 30, 2007


This is only a test. Do not freak.