Thursday, May 26, 2005



How's it going? Things are good here. I have much to tell you but I will keep this brief as it is late and I am very tired. This past weekend I went to eat dinner at Anna's parent's house. The dinner was good, the grilled shrimp a bit overcooked, but delicious nevertheless. After dinner and some casual conversation, Terry, Anna's stepfather, invited me upstairs for a friendly game of pool. I obliged as I am always eager to accept a challenge. It didn't take long for me to realize that I was in over my head. I haven't played pool in a while and I haven't played pool well in my lifetime. As we played nine ball, I felt the conversation was lacking and I tried to think of something to say. I reached for anything that might begin a conversation and all I could think of was to comment on the balls that we were using for our game. Honestly, I contemplated, for just a moment, saying, "I like your balls". Then, knowing that it would come out wrong, I thought perhaps, "You have pretty balls" would be more appropriate. Finally, I came to the conclusion that "Cool balls" would be ok. None were. The conversation never went anywhere. Damned balls.

Hope that all is well. More soon.