Saturday, October 01, 2005

Habla Pepsi


What's up dog? How have you been? I've been better, to be totally honest. I've had some pain in my shoulder for the last three or four months. So, last week, I decided that it was high-time to get my butt on over to my doctor so that he could X-ray me and find out the cause of the problem. He did the X-ray and much to my surprise, he didn't find anything. He gave me a little Celebrex for the inflammation and sent me on my merry way. On the way down to the lobby, I felt very parched and as I rounded the corner on my way out the door, I noticed a Mexican family (or maybe they were Hispanic-Americans) standing in front of the Pepsi machine. I sauntered up to them very quietly and said to the father, "Daddy, can I have a Pepsi?" They looked at me a little bewildered and I can't say that I blame them. The looks on their faces was a mixture of confusion and more confusion. I thought that maybe they didn't understand why I wanted the Pepsi in the first place. I said "I'm just very parched and I don't have any money". This seemed to placate them and the dad bought me a Pepsi. A mucho nice-o gesture, I would say. Afterwards, we all kind of walked out together (they were leaving too) and I would have to say that the journey from the Pepsi machine to the front door of the building was a bit awkward. I did love that Pepsi though.

Anyway, just goes to show that there are still some nice people in the world, present company excluded.

I'll have more later.