Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Heil, Me


What's up, buddy? I know that it's been a while since I've written. Sorry about that. I haven't really been busy or anything. I'm just really, really boring. It's no excuse and yet, it's the only excuse that I've got.

This weekend was boring. Anna was having her special girl time and didn't want to do much of anything all weekend except lay around and watch shows that were invented to drive men crazy. There was lots of E! and various garden shows and home make-over shows. At one point, I threatened suicide if she didn't stop. She didn't. Obviously, I chickened out.

I got a shower Saturday afternoon. Not that a shower in and of itself is a big deal, but I shaved while I was in the shower. Gave myself a little Hitler mustache. Not that I'm a fan. Just thought that it'd be funny to see Anna's reaction. She didn't notice. There wasn't much hair up there anyway and when I got out of the shower, I came out to the living room where she was and stood around for a bit, chuckling to myself. She didn't have her glasses on so she didn't realize that there was a Furher in the room. Alas, my joke backfired. That pretty much sums up the weekend.

It's a shame though, about the Hitler mustache. I mean, from now until the foreseeable future, that mustache style will be forever frowned upon, never accepted as a viable facial hair alternative. I think that it's kind of cool. I mean, there's little upkeep once you get it shaped correctly. It's rather inconspicuous-at least, it would be if stupid Hitler hadn't made it infamous. I think the soul patch (another facial hair style) is completely derivative of the Hitler. I mean, someone probably saw the picture of Hitler and said, "You know, that's not a bad looking mustache. But I can't wear it over the lip. What if I take the same style and move it downstairs...below the lip." And like that, the soul patch was born. Born in infamy. No labels on it though. You'd think that someone would have realized by now that the soul patch is just the Hitler mustache's cousin, once removed.

I'll just stick with the no facial hair look, at least for the time being.

Hitler sucks! In fact, this is what happens when people think that the world is ready for the Hitler mustache.

Take care,

I'll have more soon. More of this, you ask? Better stuff than this, I assure you.