Sunday, February 12, 2006

Me v. Citibank, episode 3 (Phantom Menace)


And the winner is...

You wrote:
Please send me a refund check for the credit balance of $59.80.

Re: Account - Credit Balance Refund 02/01/06 09:24:45 AM 3 of 3
Customer Service Wrote:
Your credit balance refund has been processed, and you should receive a check within 2 weeks. For your protection, all refund checks are sent to the primary cardholder at the address on file.
Thank you for using our website.

RE: Account - Credit Balance Refund 02/01/06 09:48:37 AM 3 of 3
You wrote:
Hey Citibank. Sorry that I had to throw down the proverbial gauntlet and transfer my balance. Sincerely, I love you guys. I'll make sure that my next major purchase is made with my Citibank Visa card. I don't want to lose you guys as a business partner. And, if I may say so, as a friend, You guys rock. I mean that. Paul