Thursday, December 01, 2005

Pizza Hut is Racist

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Dear Larry,
What's happening old man? It's been too long. I wanted to write when I found out that you were going to have that special on TBS then I didn't watch it and felt guilty. I do care about the environment though. I do my part. Recycling is on my to-do list. And I want to look into getting solar panels for the house. This endeavor could potentially be a lot of work so I'm going to stick with the recycling project for the time being. Not to mention, your show conflicted with Desperate Housewives and I don't pass up any chance to see Nicolette Sheridan wearing next-to-nothing. For an old lady, she's hot. But I digress.
Anna and I were at home one Friday night a couple of weeks ago. We decided not to go out but instead to treat ourselves to some greasy Pizza Slut pizza. We grudgingly made this choice because neither of us wanted to get out and it seemed that Pizza Hut was our only option if we wanted delivery. We called the 362-3333 number to place our order and the operator had trouble finding our address in their system. Anna explained that it was a new development so it might not yet be in the database. They took the order anyway and told us that if they had any problems, that they would place a follow-up call to confirm the address. Five minutes later, Pizza Hut called back to tell us that they did not deliver to our area. I asked them why, naturally. I had previously checked their website to make sure that there was a store close by and found that, in fact, there was one less than two miles away. In truth, the reason that they don't deliver to our area is that our development sits on the razed remains of a development affectionately known as Hurt Village. Considered one of the most dangerous parts of the city, delivery places flat-out refused to make deliveries there lest their delivery drivers be executed, gangsta-style. I understood why they didn't deliver there in the past. However, the place has been cleaned up, new houses erected, and middle-class America has been invited to move in and set up shop. Long story short, Pizza Hut lady said that we were out of the zone. I told her that it was racist not to deliver to our neighborhood because I knew that it wasn't because we were too far away, but because they considered our neighborhood dangerous. She hung up.
No one is immune.
Talk to you later,
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